APPLICATION Call to Join a Peer Advisory Mastermind Groups for Business Owners

**ISOLATION IS THE ENEMY TO EXCELLENCE** Congratulations for taking the first step to surrounding yourself with like minded high-achieving business owners to learn and grow from the collective wisdom of peer entrepreneurs at similar levels. Our groups meet 1X/month on Zoom (and in-person for Greater Philadelphia members) for 3-4 hours. During this application call we will explore your goals, your challenges, identifying types of members you would be best matched with, offer you coaching on a specific challenge and Q&A. Once you booked your time be sure you've filled out your intake form here:

BUSINESS COACHING Discovery Strategy Call (Complimentary)

**THE GREATEST SUCCESS STORIES WERE NEVER ACHIEVED ALONE.** Hiring the right business coach is one of the secrets of fast growth companies. My clients invest in working with me because of the expertise I bring as a seasoned entrepreneur. Since 1992 I've started and sold 3 other businesses from growing a solo business to employing a team of 30-80 people on my payroll. I'm here to help you navigate the challenges in your business. Common outcome goals I've helped others achieve include: > Attracting a steady flow of new clients > Boosting annual sales revenue / sales team > Creating scalable systems in your business ... so you can clone yourself, scale/expand and/or sell your business for a profitable exit.

COLLAB Partner / Panel Guest Intro Call

Thank you for your interest in being a potential collab partner. This is a quick 15-20 min call to get acquainted, answer your questions and explore potential Affiliate / JV or other types of Collab partnership projects.


**DO YOU HAVE A MARKETING STRATEGY-EXECUTION GAP?** We found the #1 biggest obstacle keeping SMB Owners from growing your business faster is due to a strategy-execution gap. > First, you need clarity and conviction on which marketing strategy will work best for your business today. > Next, you need skilled people to EXECUTE your marketing the right way. We offer both: 1- DONE-WITH-YOU MARKETING - this is where we TRAIN you and your marketing team on how to implement the marketing strategies that are working best now. 2- DONE-FOR-YOU MARKETING you can leave all the heavy lifting to our team to execute the marketing for you, so you can focus on your core areas of expertise. Choose a time that works for you to discuss your marketing needs.